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Celtics and Cavaliers in Trade Talks over PG Swap

We got an NBA SHAMS BOMB today on the internet!!!!

First question, who plays more defense?

Kidding, obviously, as this trade is one of the more 'BOMB' worthy in all of the NBA landscape and would greatly shift the balance of power in the Eastern Conference (in my humble opinion) in favor of Boston. 

What do you think, who would get the better deal in this case?

You'd have to imagine it would be a swap (to an extent) and the lineups would simply get the names traded for each other. Boston would be shipping away the most popular player in green since Paul Pierce, and the Cavaliers had Kyrie before they had LeBron (the second time) so they are giving up the one-time face of the franchise. It would be a massive trade.

Shams, dunking on other NBA insiders since... those other NBA insiders left for other places...


Cleveland Gets: 

  • Isaiah Thomas
  • Ante Zizic
  • Jae Crowder
  • 2018 Nets 1st Round Pick

Boston Gets

  • Kyrie Irving