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Patriots Gave Trump a Super Bowl Ring

The New England Patriots were one of the few teams that have visited the White House since Donald Trump was elected President, and the controversy was apparent on their trip from the beginning with Tom Brady's decision to not attend. 

Now, many months later and on the cusp of another football season, USA Today reports confirm the fact that the Patriots gave Trump a ring.

USA TODAY  - New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft gave President Trump a commemorative Super Bowl ring after the team's visit to the White House in April.

Patriots spokesman Stacey James told USA TODAY Sports that during the team's championship visit, Trump mentioned to Kraft, a longtime friend, how honored he was that the Patriots were the first team to visit the White House during his presidency.

Although the team came bearing traditional gifts on that occasion — a jersey and a helmet — Kraft decided that another gesture was necessary since New England was the first pro team to visit under the Trump administration.

Why is this story coming out now? What are the motivations behind publishing this right now?

There are a lot of questions, so take and react how you will. But this is a curious story that the New England Patriots have let come out at a time when the controversy is as high as ever and BOSTON just had a fantastic rally in opposition of a lot of 'typically Trump' gatherers. 

Do with this news as you want.