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Why is All the Money on Conor McGregor?

Conor McGregor has virtually no shot to win, if you ask Colin Cowherd what he thinks of the actual fight. You can hear much more nuanced fighting experts discuss this if you want, but that isn't exactly what Cowherd wants to break down for you right now.

No, what Cowherd wants to explain is why Las Vegas has openly come out and confirmed the fact that almost all of the gambling money has been put on Conor McGregor. 

How is that possible? With so many people understanding that McGregor isn't a real fighter, was 11 seconds and a few pointed Mayweather comments about his age enough to persuade people to gamble the other way? 

In short, yes. 

In long, Colin Cowherd explained why the 'power of miracles' has people too enthralled to turn down. Listen here for the full take from Cowherd on this interesting issue:

McGregor Has No Shot