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League Executives expect LeBron to Play for the Lakers

So the latest news in the LeBron James media circus involves something Colin Cowherd has been harping on for a few months. The Los Angeles Lakers are not only regarded as a possible destination for LeBron, but according to this from Bleacher Report and Ric Bucher, it is apparently well-known among NBA circles.

B/R - League executives not only expect James to leave but have circled his destination—the Los Angeles Lakers—for a host of reasons. The top three are:

• Setting up his post-playing career in TV and movie production.

• Attempting the unique feat of leading three different teams to a championship.

• Creating a path to an ownership stake in the Lakers.

The first motive is obvious. He already has founded a Los Angeles-based production company, SpringHill Entertainment, and has developed several shows already. James and his two childhood friends-turned-business partners from Akron, Ohio—agent Rich Paul and business manager Maverick Carter—have all purchased homes in Los Angeles in the last two years as well.

The article goes on to touch on speculative reasons why this makes sense, basically everything Colin has believe to be true coming to fruition in text form, but this was very important to note:

"That was once his obsession," the source says. "But even if LeBron thinks he has five good years left, he's not thinking he's going to beat Golden State four out of the next five years. I don't think he's making it about that anymore. When he said, 'I don't have anything left to prove' during the Finals, that's where that came from."

Is that really the case? Does he have nothing left to prove? 

Needless to say, Michael Jordan RIGHT NOW is the GOAT, but people say LeBron might catch him. If he stops now to go play in LA and be comfortable, that would be out of character in my opinion. 

Guess we will have to wait for the next story to really know.

Here is Colin Cowherd reflecting on this VERY story, and confirming what he has already been saying today on The Herd

Ric Bucher Report from Colin Cowherd