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LeSean McCoy is Spot On About Colin Kaepernick

LeSean "Shady" McCoy is someone who is never afraid to share what he really thinks about something happening in the National Football League, and that held true this week when he was asked about Colin Kaepernick and his free agency.

“That may have something to do with but I think it also has a lot to do with his play,” McCoy said. “I’m sure a lot of teams wouldn’t want him as their starting quarterback. Then it’s the chaos that comes with it. It’s a lot. A team’s trying to win and not have a distraction on a team. As a player, there’s certain players that can be on a team with big distractions, and other players, they’re not good enough that it’s worth it. I think his situation is, not good enough to have on a team with all the attention that comes along with it. I’m sure if a guy like [Tom] Brady or a guy like — whoever is your favorite player, Odell Beckham or a guy like that — you’ll deal with that attention and play him. With certain guys, it’s not worth it.”

Clay Travis is impressed with LeSean McCoy for giving his honest opinion about Colin Kaepernick not having a job yet, even though it goes against what the majority of other players think. Listen below for Clay's reaction to this statement from Shady:

Clay Travis on LeSean McCoy