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Cavaliers Suddenly Have All the Power

The Cleveland Cavaliers suddenly have all the power in this potential trade with the Boston Celtics, and BOY did that happen quickly.

From flipping PGs and losing Kyrie Irving to suddenly demanding more compensation after Boston's biggest piece in the trade (height joke) was proven to be damaged goods, the Cavs can now demand further players and pieces to pull this trade off. Colin Cowherd believes they should demand Jayson Tatum, because why not?

The Celtics can't just take back these pieces now, partially because the trade value will plummet after this injury concern. The Cavs might end up with Jayson Tatum after all. Listen below for the full explanation of why this is a HUGE deal for the Cavs and their quest to keep LeBron James (or any superstar) on their roster in the long-term. 

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Cavs Trade with Celtics Fall Through