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State of the UFC - Too Reliant on One Man

The UFC is not capitalizing on their moment in the sun very well.

After the dust from the Conor McGregor fight has settled, we now sit back and look at the future of the Irish fighter and whether he will return to the octagon or go back into the boxing circuit to try his hand(s) there again. From this view, looking at the UFC as a whole if McGregor decided he wanted to pursue the $$$ in boxing, would you even recognize the stars of the UFC? 

With a women's division champ that changes regularly, and male fighters who are literally seeking other opportunities, the UFC is as reliant on one man, Dana White, as any sport has ever been in our country. 

Colin Cowherd takes a look at the state of the UFC, and what they have to change if they want to take the next step towards legitimizing like the NBA and NFL in the social space:

UFC is in Trouble