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Dak Prescott is a Leader, and a Franchise Quarterback

Dak Prescott said, pretty defiantly, that he would never kneel for the National Anthem.

And it didn't break the internet.

While discussing Dak Prescott today, and his controversial and strong stance on a very sensitive topic in America, Colin realized something about social media. Why don't you ever see people taking shots at Belichick or Dak Prescott on twitter for decisions like this? It's because social media preys on the weak. Dak is already proving he isn't weak. Nowhere close to it.

That is what leadership looks like. Dak Prescott is a leader and someone who Colin Cowherd believes will be the face of a franchise throughout his entire career. Listen below and find out how these two topics collide, courtesy of The Herd on Fox Sports Radio.

Social Media didn't attack Dak