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Texas A&M Does Not Deserve Kevin Sumlin

As Colin Cowherd alludes to below, we will not be linking to the vile letter sent to the home, to the family, of Kevin Sumlin this week. It revealed one of the worst things about America and the inability for people to separate a sport from a human being. That can never be acceptable, under any circumstance.

When Texas A&M beat Alabama back with JFF under center, Colin Cowherd told Kevin Sumlin to get out. Once you win one massive game like that, your fans begin to think you're a better program than Bama. They expect the unprecedented to occur. Expectations are too high.

Take a listen to the audio below. Seriously, follow The Herd for daily podcasts, and be a better sports fan than what Kevin Sumlin had to endure. At least do that.

Does Not Deserve Sumlin