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Player Protests are Ruining the NFL

For a lot of people, the message of this protest has gotten lost. When people describe it as "Protesting the Anthem" or "Kneeling for the Flag" they are completely missing the point, but at no fault of their own.

Being uninformed on an issue such as this is an easy place to find yourself in. The nature of the protest gets lost when people are this charged up about something. The protest was never against patriotism, it was never against the flag or the anthem, it was against police brutality and racial inequalities. That was lost because of how the players chose to protest, and what they were protesting.

There are so many people who feel so strongly about this issue without understanding it, and that's the problem. Clay Travis spoke about how this protest is damaging to the NFL, turning away fans, and creating a divide that simply can't be ignored. Listen below, and SUBSCRIBE »

Protests Ruining the NFL