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TMZ Sports Releases Michael Bennett Body-Cam Footage

Full Video can be found HERE at TMZ Sports' website


We don't know at this point if the body cam footage was presented without favorable editing, but from what we just saw there can really only be one opinion.

If there is a shooter, in a place as crowded as Las Vegas, the police have their hands full trying to sort everything out and make sure people are safe. There was word that the shooter was active, and one man hunched over ran out of the building and onto the street. 

The Police took the time to explain to Bennett why he was cuffed and put in the car, and the tense nature of the situation should be recognizable to anyone watching. They then put him back out on the street without restraint or follow-up, apologized for how things went, and explained in detail why this situation called for what they did.

Again, weird to see how this all plays out in the media... but we wanted to share with you that there are always multiple sides to every story. Let's see how this new information gets shared. 

Clay Travis spoke about this immediately when it happened, and is worth revisiting.

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