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The NBA All-Star Game Just Got Interesting

LeBron James and Paul George

The NBA announced today that they are making changes to their rosters for the All-Star game.  Lately, the NBA All-Star game has lacked any sort of excitement, with teams playing no defense, and most of the league's stars playing in the Western Conference.  Instead of East vs. West, the league announced that they will have team captains for each conference, picking from 24-voted All-Stars to fill out their team.  

Steve Gorman believes this is in part because most of the league's talent now resides in the West, so allowing players to choose their teammates will bring a new aspect and balance to the game.  Steve says we will now pay attention to who chooses to play play with whom, bringing new story lines to the All-Star weekend.  You can listen to his full breakdown below.

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Steve Gorman on new NBA All Star Game 10-3-17