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The NFL Has Rules That Don't Make Sense

Austin Seferian-Jenkins GETTY

We had controversy in the battle for first place in the AFC East between the Patriots & Jets on Sunday. Jets' Tight End, Austin Seferian-Jenkins dove into the end-zone, hoping to bring his Jets within 3 points of the Patriots late in the 4th quarter, but had it ultimately over-turned because officials claimed he "fumbled".  To add insult to injury, the Jets lost possession of the ball on that play because Jenkins fell out of bounds while "fumbling", stopping the Jets drive and turning it over to the Patriots.  Now, there is no way to know if that touchdown would've help lead to the Jets beating the Patriots, but taking it away put the Jets in a deeper whole.

Although, by letter of the rule, the call made by the officials was correct, Doug Gottlieb thinks it is still ridiculous. He says are plenty of laws in the world that just don't make sense, and the NFL is no exception.  You can listen to his whole rant below.

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Doug Gottlieb on NFL rules 10-16-17