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Colin's Theory On What The Colts Are Really Up To

Colts Have Ruined Andrew Luck's Career

Andrew Luck has remained sidelined this season, seemingly due to an injured shoulder. Colin Cowherd believes that the decision of whether or not to play Andrew Luck this year has less to do with an injury, and more to do with a big-picture plan set in place by new Colts GM Chris Ballard. 

Ballard is a young, respected, sharp football mind that wasted no time turning over half of the roster in Indianapolis. Acquiring Jacoby Brissett was no accident, and the more he shows off his talent the more Ballard will be able to get in return when he inevitably trades him after the season. The Colts are on the fast track to an early pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, and will enable Ballard to flip it and bring in more high-level players. In one year, he can completely change the roster and deliver Andrew Luck a team that he's always deserved in the 2018-2019 season.

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Colin's Theory On What The Colts Are Really Up To