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MLB Needs To Trust Their Technology

MLB officials made an egregious error on Wednesday night in Game 4 of the NLCS when they called Curtis Granderson out on an apparent foul tip. The only problem was that the video replay clearly showed that his bat never touched the ball. Unfortunately, this is not a play that is reviewable according to Major League Baseball's rules. Instead of using the technology that would give a definitive answer as to whether Granderson connected with the ball before it hit the catchers glove, umpires relied on an eyewitness account. 

The sport has come a long way in trying to get more and more calls correct, but there is still plenty of room for them to grow. Baseball has been sitting on the fence in regards to the issue of instant replay, and it's time for them to make a final decision on which way they will go. 

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It's Time For MLB To Trust Their Technology