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Dodgers Have Something Rarely Seen In Pro Sports

Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers wrapped up the NLCS Thursday Night in dominant fashion, beating the Cubs 11-1 and now head to their first World Series appearance since 1988. What separates the Dodgers from every other team in the league, and most in recent memory, is the tremendous depth of their lineup. Due to free agency, it is extremely uncommon to have this much talent on one team. In fact, their talent level is so high that they didn't even need Corey Seager in the NLCS, and they didn't stumble at all after losing Adrian Gonzalez to injury in September.

There are absolutely no dips in their lineup and their bench players would be starters on most teams. Whether it's New York or Houston, the Los Angeles Dodgers should be favored over their opponent in the World Series. 

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Dodgers Have Something Rarely Seen In Pro Sports