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Can Jon Gruden Win in College?

Jon Gruden

It's Grumor Season!

Despite being away from the sidelines for a decade, Jon Gruden's name seems to pop up for several head coaching positions almost every year. 2017 is no different. As the Tennessee Volunteers continue to slide, rumors have been swirling around Knoxville that boosters are hot-to-trot for the former Buccaneers head coach. In fact, at least one offshore betting site has Gruden down to 12-1 to be the next Tennessee coach. 

But here's the question: Would Jon Gruden be a good hire for Tennessee?

Clay Travis says Jon Gruden is an offensive genius, and he would be a home run hire for the Volunteers. Producer Jason Martin, on the other hand, argues that Gruden's teams have actually been rather mediocre offensively, and openly questions his ability to adjust to the college game.

Which side are you on - Team Clay or Team Jason? Take a listen to the clip below and decide for yourself.

Is Gruden a good coach