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The Most Overrated Coach in Modern CFB History

jim harbaugh

The Jim Harbaugh worship has to stop. 

Following Penn State's 42-13 demolition of Michigan on Saturday night, Jim Harbaugh is now 25-8 overall through his first 33 games - the same record as his predecessor, Brady Hoke. Furthermore, in his last last 11 games, Harbaugh is 6-5. By comparison, Urban Meyer has only lost 5 games total in his past four seasons. 

For most elite college football coaches, Year 3 is the year you 'take the next step'. Nick Saban's third year at Alabama? National championship. Urban Meyer's third year at Ohio State? National championship. Jim Harbaugh, on the other hand, is cruising towards a fourth-place finish in the Big Ten East division. Yes, his teams are actually getting worse

Clay Travis says Jim Harbaugh is easily the most overrated coach in modern college football history. Agree? Disagree? Take a listen to clip below and decide for yourself.  

Jim Harbaugh is Overrated