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America is Rooting for the Houston Astros


By now, you've probably heard once or twice (or fifty times) that the Los Angeles Dodgers will be making their first World Series appearance since 1988. Yes, the Dodgers have been the best team in baseball all season, and all of the media coverage they've received during the postseason is well-deserved. They're heavy favorites for a reason.

But did you also know that the Houston Astros are suffering from their own World Series drought? (They've never won a championship during their 55-year history). Or that just four years ago, they were the worst team in baseball? Or that less than two months ago, the entire city of Houston was literally under water after Hurricane Harvey deluged southeast Texas with epic flooding? Yeah, the Astros have a pretty good story too.

Clay Travis says that even though the Dodgers are the favorites to win the World Series, most casual sports fans in America will be rooting for the Astros. 

America rooting for the Astro