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This Is LeBron's Last Chance To Win An MVP

LeBron James GETTY

LeBron James has been the most dominant player in the NBA for almost all of his tenure.  He has 4 MVP's (which he won back to back on two separate occasions), and many will argue that he deserved more. Although, LeBron is in the latter part of his career he is still playing at an elite level, finding himself in MVP conversations every year, but hasn't won since 2013.  The NBA has always awarded those who jump onto the scene then pure consistency, hence why Steph Curry has won a couple, Derrick Rose, Steve Nash, and others.

Regardless, JT thinks this may be the year LeBron wins his 5th.  News came down that LeBron is going to be shifting to the PG position to help dictate the offense, and JT thinks this is only because Tyronn Lue is helping LeBron make his case.  You can listen to his full reasoning below.

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JT on LeBron MVP 10/24/2017