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Legalizing Marijuana In NBA Will Be A Mistake

Houston Rockets v Indiana Pacers

The benefits of medical marijuana have become notable nationwide, which has led numerous states to legalize the recreational use of it. Not wanting to get left behind, the NBA continues to study the product's effects which could lead to the league altering their regulations for players.

Former NBA commissioner David Stern is one person who thinks it's time for the league to make a change. Speaking with Al Harrington and Uninterrupted, Stern acknowledged how his perception of the drug has changed over the years.

 JT The Brick and Tomm Looney react to news that the former commissioner would like to see marijuana removed from the banned substance list. They caution that it could cause a major problem for current players as well as the league's perception around the nation.

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Legalizing Marijuana In NBA Will Be A Mistake