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The NFL Needs To Commit To Player Safety

Thursday Night Football was not a good look for the NFL, and it had nothing to do with protests. Late in the second quarter, Ravens QB Joe Flacco took a vicious hit to the head by Dolphins LB Kiko Alonso. Alonso was penalized for unnecessary roughness but shockingly, was not ejected from the game. 

The hit was a perfect example of what the NFL is trying to get rid of, and officials missed an opportunity in front of a national audience. If the NFL really wanted to protect quarterbacks, and was concerned about player safety, the punishment for a hit like this would have been much more sever. Kiko Alonso deserves at least a two-game suspension, otherwise it will be further proof of the NFL's lack of sincerity in regards to keeping players safe.

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The NFL Needs To Commit To Protecting Quarterbacks