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Gruden to Tennessee Appears More Likely Than Ever

Jon Gruden

ESPN oral history author James Andrew Miller floated the possibility on Monday afternoon that the World Wide Leader was considering letting their Monday Night Football deal with the NFL expire in 2021. Overpriced sports right deals have already forced ESPN to endure several workforce layoffs, and several media outlets are reporting that another series of layoffs is right around the corner.  

That said, is it really all that crazy to think that Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden (and his $6.5 million annual salary) might be one of the next on-air personalities to get his walking papers? Or more likely, do you think he sees the writing on the wall and is already looking for a way out? Gruden is already considered to be the odds-on favorite to land the University of Tennessee head coaching job according to at least online betting publication.

Clay Travis says Gruden-to-Tennessee makes too much sense not to happen at this point, and folks in Knoxville better get used to the idea of seeing Chucky on the sidelines in 2018.

ESPN struggles could force Gruden to TENN