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Lincoln Riley Torpedoed OU's Title Hopes

“When the crucible moment came around, Lincoln Riley did not grasp for excellence, he tried to slink his way into the title game.”

Although it was one of the greatest college football games in history, Clay Travis thinks Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley shorted the  Sooners a chance to advance to the National Championship with conservative play calling.

Travis says the game’s most pivotal play calls were ones that saw the OU offense take the ball out of Baker Mayfield’s hands, including arguably the most decisive play of regulation when Oklahoma failed on a 3rd and 3 with less than four minutes to play and up a touchdown. Instead of letting college football’s best player make a play with his arm, with a first down giving OU the chance to salt the game away, the Sooners elected to try an option play that ended up getting stuffed, ultimately giving the ball back to Georgia for what would later become the game-tying touchdown drive.

Listen to Travis explain why Riley's strategy late cost Oklahoma their season.

Lincoln Riley Torpedoed OU's Title Hopes