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You Wish You Were the SEC

Georgia players

The SEC is overrated! Alabama doesn't deserve to be in the Playoff! See, the SEC has a losing record this bowl season! 

In what had been a relatively down year for the conference as a whole, fans across the country had become very outspoken about the media's - and the Playoff Committee's - 'unwarranted' favoritism of the Southeastern Conference. 

They must have forgot that the SEC has won 8 of the last 11 national championships.

As the clock struck 0:00 in Alabama's 24-6 victory over Clemson in the night game of the College Football Playoff semi-final double-header, the worst fears of millions of college football fans had been realized: The College Football Championship Game would be an all-SEC affair. The SEC would claim their 9th national title in 12 years. America, hope you enjoy that fat slice of humble pie. 

Clay Travis says most of the hate fans have towards the SEC stems from jealousy. Take a listen to the audio clip for a full explanation why.

You wish you were the SEC