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Kraft Got Emotional & Now He's About To Get Burned

The elite model franchise seems to have a crack in the foundation.  Seth Wickersham of ESPN released an article late Thursday night highlighting growing dysfunction in the Patriots organization revolving around Owner Robert Kraft, Head Coach Bill Belichick, and Quarterback, Tom Brady. Through sources within the Patriots organization, Wickersham points to multiple instances that have led to the relationship among the three to finally boil over after 17 years of success.

Colin Cowherd has been adamant about their being dysfunction within the organization the last couple months, pointing to the Jimmy Garoppolo trade as the turning point.  Colin believes Robert Kraft got emotional and chose Brady over Belichick, igniting a fuse that will end with the dismantling of the dynasty.  You can listen to Colin's reaction to the breaking news below.

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Colin Cowherd on breaking news of feud in Patriots locker room 1/5/2018