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Lack of Focus Could Derail the Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger

In just the last 7 days, Le'Veon Bell has said he'd rather retire than play on the Franchise Tag in 2018, Mike Tomlin has openly complained about the New England Patriots having an extra day of rest should the two teams meet in the AFC Championship game, and Mike Mitchell has predicted a victory over the Patriots in the Championship round.

There's only one problem with all that: The Steelers play the Jaguars this Sunday. Did the Steelers forget that the Jags pounded them 30-9 when the two teams played each other earlier this season?

Jason McIntyre says the Steelers lack of focus is a real concern, and he wouldn't be surprised to see the Jaguars pull off the road upset. 

Jason McIntyre worried about Steelers