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The Dumbest Play in the History of the NFL

Trailing 24-23 with 10 seconds to go from their own 39-yard-line and with no timeouts remaining, the Vikings appeared dead-in-the-water. On the game's final play, Case Keenum completed a last-ditch heave to Stefon Diggs near the sideline with Saints safety Marcus Williams closing in on him. All Williams had to do was wrap Diggs up, make the tackle and the game would be over. 

He didn't. 

Williams completely whiffed on the tackle, and Diggs was able to sprint down the the sidelines for a 61-yard game-winning touchdown. Vikings win 29-24.

Clay Travis says Marcus Williams' ill-fated attempt at a tackle will be remembered as one of the worst plays by a safety in NFL Playoff history. Take a listen to the audio clip below for more.

Dumb play by Marcus Williams