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Chris Paul is Too Old to Be a Tough Guy

Following the Rockets' road loss to the Clippers, Chris Paul led a posse of teammates through a back corridor into the Clippers' locker room in an apparent attempt to confront Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin. Unfortunately (or fortunately), security intervened before any punches were ever thrown.


Clay Travis has two thoughts on the near locker-room brawl: First, the entire situation is stereotypical-NBA. We see guys talking tough every night but nobody ever actually throws a punch. So it's only fitting that Chris Paul's posse went through all this trouble to sneak into the opposing locker room only to get stopped by security before anything actually happened. Second, Chris Paul is way too old to be fighting to begin with. He's a 32-year-old father of two and the President of the NBA Players' Association; at minimum, he should be more mature in situations like this.

Chris Paul is too old to be fighting