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Stop This 'Patriots Get All the Calls' BS

“If you are arguing that the officials decided to fix this game in favor of the Patriots because of television ratings because someone at the NFL told them, then you are arguing that there was a crime committed and you think there should be an investigation and that the league officials who told them what to do should all go to prison.”

After Jaguars cornerback A.J. Bouye criticized officials for the discrepancy in penalties in an AFC Championship Game that saw Jacksonville get penalized six times for 98 yards, compared to New England’s one penalty for 10, the popular narrative of Patriots favoritism was brought up again.

Even though Clay Travis acknowledges the obvious allure of having the Patriots in the Super Bowl when it comes to vesting interests from the television partners, Travis thinks chatter going around this week about the NFL possibly pushing its referees to assist New England in knocking out Jacksonville is one of the most irrational, and downright silly ‘conspiracy theories’ going around, that often starts as a joke, but then picks up steam when the fans of losing teams are looking for any available excuse.

To argue such a scenario is literally claiming there to be a massive inside job that would break laws and put dozens at risk of going to jail.

Listen to Travis shoot down the idea.

Stop This 'Patriots Get All the Calls' BS