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"The 'WOKEST' Take of 2018"

“We have reached a level in sports where there is such a demand to be ‘WOKE’. This is the dumbest argument in the history of sports that literally no one is in favor of.”

In a week where the Cleveland Indians set a date for the immediate removal of ‘Chief Wahoo’ on all of its team's uniforms and official merchandise, another unexpected viewpoint arose in the mainstream media involving the University of Notre Dame’s leprechaun mascot, who the school has proudly let represent its ‘Fighting Irish’ moniker for over the last 100 years.

Some in the media have said that the mascot is derogatory and presents a caricature that stereotypes Irish people much like Chief Wahoo was said to negatively represent Native Americans.

Clay Travis thinks the ‘outrage’ is a major reach and completely manufactured by individuals who have no idea what they’re talking about, who are literally just looking for anything they can call offensive this day in age.

Take a listen to Travis’ digs.

"The 'WOKEST' take of 2018"