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Are the Lakers Getting Friend-Zoned by LeBron?

Are The Lakers Getting Friend-Zoned By LeBron?

From signing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, a player who is repped by LeBron James' agency and had no takers, last summer to plucking Isaiah Thomas out of the Cavaliers locker-room and ridding LeBron of the Cavalier's newest head ache, the Lakers have done plenty of solids for LeBron. But are they doing too many favors for the King? 

Jason McIntyre explains how the Lakers have been bending over backwards to help LeBron while he is in Cleveland in hopes of "being the nice guy" and appealing to LeBron. But are the Lakers walking into LeBron's friend-zone? If the Lakers are the nice guy can they flip the "nice guys finish last" script and finish first in the race for LeBron?

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