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To Save Face, The Colts Need To Bring In Harbaugh

To Save Face, The Colts Need Harbaugh

The Colts are just a few days removed from being denied by Patriots OC, Josh McDaniels when it came to taking their head coaching vacancy.  Everyone in Indy thought McDaniels was well on his way to the Colts organization; assistant coaches already signed their deals, and moved their families only to find out, McDaniels preferred to stay in New England.  Now, there is ton of speculation as to why McDaniels chose to stay an assistant, but the bigger news is, what do the Colts do now?

Dan Beyer and Mike Harmon were debating whether or not the Colts' 2018 season is already lost to the gutter. Harmon is optimistic, but Dan thinks it is a lost cause unless...the Jim Irsay & CHris Ballard can woo Jim Harbaugh out of Michigan, and bring him back to the NFL.  Listen to their full theory above!