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Steve Kerr Channeling His Inner Phil Jackson

Steve Kerr has won seven Championships as a player and HC and I contend that his latest coaching move proves the man is underrated.  Letting his players call the shots was a stroke of genius.  

He was obviously paying attention to Phil Jackson when he was a player for the Bulls because his Zen is currently on point.  I’ll bet he read every book the Zen Master recommended…and probably took notes.  While Phil seems to have lost touch with today’s NBA, it looks like Steve is taking over as the master manipulator. 

I have coached youth sports since I was a teenager and I think I understand how difficult it can be to find ways to motivate a team.  Sometimes it’s easy, especially if you have players who are hungry to achieve greatness.  What about a team like the Warriors that has already been to the top and have been playing deep into the playoffs every season, even when they don’t win it all?   How do you get these exhausted multi-millionaires to perform?  Steve’s answer is to let them do what they want.  Brilliant!  I say keep it going until they lose a couple of games.  Maybe he’ll never have to coach again if they keep responding like this. 

He is the new Zen Master.  Or maybe Zen Master Jr.  He is in tune with his players as they struggle with the grind (Zen), he can see his message isn’t getting through (more Zen), he empowers them to create their own destiny (very Zen), and most impressively, he is able to put aside his own ego for the benefit of all (super Zeni-Zen-Zen).  This is an individual who stays in the moment while understanding the lessons of the past and pursuing long term team goals.  The student has clearly become the master. 

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Steve Kerr Is a Genius