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What are the Ramifications of an NCAAB FBI Investigation?

NCAA FBI Investigation

Something Major is brewing in the College Basketball World. 

This is a direct quote from an article by Yahoo Sports' Pete Thamel,

"It has been five months since the FBI arrested 10 men in a sweeping federal probe into the underbelly of the basketball world. As the three ongoing criminal cases resulting from the investigation plod along, it’s increasingly unlikely there will be another wave of double-digit arrests. More legal charges still could come, but what’s becoming increasingly clear as the discovery portion of the case comes to a close is that the breadth of potential NCAA rules violations uncovered is wide enough to fundamentally and indelibly alter the sport of college basketball."  

Clay Travis reads this and wonders if Armageddon is coming for the college basketball universe? On top of this, Clay also wonders why we should care and does it really impact your enjoyment of NCAA Basketball. There are several sketchy issues just on the surface from history, to this very day that seem plenty obvious to any other person just observing NCAA practices in the wide open.

Have a listen to Clay above and check out Pete Thamel's video Below