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NBA Will Jump On The Zaza Situation To Avoid Mavericks Debacle

NBA Will Jump On Zaza Situation To Avoid Mavericks Debacle

The Warriors and Thunder faced off on Saturday, and the game started off living up to the hype as the two teams went head to head, even getting a little chippy throughout the evening.  You had Carmelo Anthony get into a shoving match with Kevin Durant, then he lost his cool after a Draymond foul, even tossing his beloved headband!

The most notable thing to come out of the game after the Warriors eventually pulled away with the win was the situation between Russell Westbrook and Zaza Pachulia.  After driving the lane, Westbrook was fouled and fell to the floor, to which Zaza Pachulia, known annoyance in the NBA, proceeded to fall on his legs.  This has led Westbrook and others to call out Pachulia for "intentionally" landing on Westbrook in possible hopes to injure him.  Players like Kyrie Irving even said the league should look into this.  Mike Harmon & Dan Beyer react to the allegations against Pachulia; Mike saying that the league loves that this happened because it will provide misdirection for other distasteful issues, a la the Dallas Mavericks.

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