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Chris Webber: Blue Chips Kept Me From Being Drafted By Orlando

The interview begins with a quick discussion about movies considering we're only a few hours removed from the 2018 Oscars ceremony where former NBA player, Kobe Bryant took home an Oscar for Best Animated Short for a project called Dear Basketball.  Dan Patrick ask's former NBA player, Chris Webber of several teams but most famously, the big time LA Lakers rivals, Sacramento Kings, if he ever did any movies in the past. Webber tells this interesting story about how the classic basketball movie, Blue Chips was responsible for keeping him from being drafted by the Orlando Magic. 

The conversation shifts to which kind of NBA career Webber would have preferred to have under his belt between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. 

Dan Patrick then asks Chris Webber about shoes which got Webber Excited. He listed the Adidas Forum, Adidas Top 10, and Charles Barkley's with the straps which were possibly the Olympic Air Forces from 92 by Nike. He also mentioned he liked his own from 94' plus a few others. 

Dan Patrick asks a question that he had similarly asked Lakers Head Coach, Luke Walton about whether breaking ankles has replaced dunking on someone including times Webber got dunked on and who he dunked on. Patrick, in reference to Philidelphia 76ers and Cleveland Cavaliers cities trying to compete for LeBron James, wonders if Sacramento Kings ever did something similar for Webber. This transitions to asking Webber what it was like to get traded. It was something he was not happy about, but he knew it was part of the business.

Webber and Patrick had a fun moment talking a bit about Cleveland Cavaliers' guard, J.R. Smith who threw soup at his assistant coach, Damon Jones recently. They then spoke about trouble in Cleveland and why the team is struggling to get wins lately and where they stand in the Eastern Conference Playoffs including where other teams stand against the Cavaliers.

Dan Patrick then asks Chris Webber which NBA player he would build around for the next five years at the age they are right now. Webber shares his pick and talks about how the pairing of Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins is something he feels will work and hopes that Davis and Cousins will get some proper talent to push deeper into the playoffs some day.

Chris Webber on Dan Patrick