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Texans will NOT pass up Good Free Agents Whether They Kneel or Not

No Protestors on the Texans?

Don't ruin Jonas Knox's Offseason NFL Talk.

Knox speaks on the story that came out by the Houston Chronicle with the headline, 

"Texans would miss out if they aren't interested in players who protested"

The writer of the article refers to "NFL agents" who stated that the Houston Texans would not be interested in free agents who protested the National Anthem. The Texans have commented on the situation and refuted this entire story. 

Jonas Knox feels the Texans should get out in front of this in a bigger way. It looks especially bad when we remember Texan's owner Bob McNair's comments on the protest situation not too long ago. Plus, there are some free agents I don't think Texans would ever want to pass up, let alone advertise an environment that frowns on players' freedom of expression