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Top Ugliest NBA Shoes of February 2018

Many of the shoes on this list are deserving of being in the rejected rack of a thrift store. Have you ever been to a store that has a stock of discontinued shoes or shoes with a poor color scheme that they couldn't get off the shelves? Sometimes they're in the size 18 men's section, or you see the same shoe in several of the different sizes from like size 6 to 13, and nobody dares try them on.

That's what this list is about.

NBA athletes' fashion is in "vogue." They want to set the trends when their fashion sense needs to end. No, I'm not on the Russell Westbrook fashion train. Most his attire seems attention seeking possibly to hide the pain in his soul from having a massively inadequate NBA season.

Am I a shoe collector? Not necessarily but I'd like to think I have taste and there's sense of dignity that comes with the shoe you place on your feet. To quote Big Lebowski, "That carpet really tied the room together." Sometimes it seems like some of these athletes are wearing these colors in the hopes that people in the nosebleeds can keep track of them while playing.

Nevertheless, here's my list of the Ugliest Shoes in February 2018.

Disclaimer: If any of these shoes were worn for some meaningful purpose, that's cool, and I support that.

The shoes are still ugly.

First on the list is Bradley Beal. Hot Pink? More like hot stink. They also have a splash of purple juice on it for some reason. It's like when you go to an art gallery and everyone is like, "I can really SEE the struggle in this artist." Meanwhile, all I can see is someone vomited on a wall.

Joel Embiid. It looks like he went to Adidas and said, make me something that's a cross between salmon and raw meat. 

Bon Appétit.

Kevin Durant. Well, you chose that design, so it doesn't really matter what color you threw on that shoe, it's still that shoe. They look like socks with laces.

Kevin Love, there's nothing to love about this shoe, except the fact that it matches the colors most folks choose for their firstborn before they know what gender it will be.

Nate Robinson. Why is he on this list? Celebrity game. Although honestly, I'd take him over Isaiah Thomas's hips, lack of defense, and shot selection, but I digress. I hate candy. Ate too much as a kid. This reminds me of candy. I hate these shoes.

I hate stitching on my polo t-shirts so seeing this stitching is flat out repulsive. Not only did some poor soul have to sow this together (hopefully not for Marcus Morris) but then THIS poor soul, Marcus Morris thought these were a "brilliant" choice to wear on the court. They were not. 

I saved hopefully the best for last. Maybe now would be a good time to say these were in no particular order but, seriously I put these down here for a great reason. I just don't think anybody would like to wear something that looks like the color of generic bandages. I think you could switch every color around this bland shade of yuck and not one single color could save this shoe. This color looks like the one that should have been inside the shoe but the shoemaker screwed up and put it on the outside.

My final note.

Dear NBA players, please burn these or sign and mail them to me so I can take them off your hands and ensure they are never worn again... ; )