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Chimezie Metu Sitting Out NIT? REALLY, Bro?

“In basketball, we actually care how much you care and how much you love the sport. This to me says, ‘I don’t love the sport, I love me, and I love the chance of making money for me.’”

Doug Gottlieb says he would be embarrassed to be USC junior forward Chimezie Metu after the team’s leading scorer announced he would sit out the NIT Tournament to make sure he didn’t damage his NBA Draft status by getting hurt.

Gottlieb says there’s no comparison with Metu’s decision and the postseason spurns by other notable NCAA standouts like Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette in college football, and said that it’s not a good look when college basketball players on scholarship at prestigious universities are starting to decide what games matter and what games don’t.

Chimezie Metu's Decision to Sit Out NIT is Embarrassing