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Is Baker Mayfield Following in Ryan Leaf's Footsteps?

Is Baker Mayfield the Next Ryan Leaf?

Chris Broussard and Mark Willard speak on Former NFL Player, Ryan Leaf's comments about Baker Mayfield. Ryan Leaf joined Mark Willard on his podcast, Ballers with Babies and stated the following

Mark Willard: Do you see any similarities between Baker Mayfield and the way you were back then?

Ryan Leaf: “I think, probably, the comparison with me is more appropriate.” “The highly competitive, borderline arrogant, angry individual...The biggest thing for me will be how he deals with failure. That’s where my downfall was, when things began to fall apart, how I was able to deal with that. When the media is on you, you play a bad game, your whole city is on you, that’s where we’ll see where Baker Mayfield is at."

"Right now there's no evidence to back up that when things get tough, he won't break..."