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Mid-Majors Shouldn't Be Allowed In NCAA Tournament

Mid-Majors Shouldn't Be Allowed In NCAA Tournament

The opening rounds of the 2018 NCAA Tournament have seen mid-majors from across the nation upset top seeds from Power 5 conferences, but their success hasn't shaken Jason Smith, however. 

Smith says that it isn't fair for mid-majors, who play a much easier schedule than those of Power 5 conferences, to compete in the same Tournament as teams from major conferences, given the vast amount of water-down opponents they had to play, compared to teams from conferences like the ACC, Big 12, and SEC, who had to dodge landmines all season long.

Smith says Mid-Majors should have their OWN tournament and that all 68 teams should be from major conferences.

Listen below as Jason shares his idea for the future of the NCAA Tournament.

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