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JT The Brick Show with Tomm Looney: Mike Pereira

Mike Pereira, the former Vice President of Officiating for the NFL joins JT The Brick and Tomm Looney to discuss the league’s most recent rule changes.

Pereira says the NFL’s new rule about initiating contact with the helmet anywhere against any opponent on the field caught him totally by surprise and he thinks this is maybe the most dramatic change he’s seen in football since he’s been involved in the game. Pereira thinks there is more clarity that needs to come when it concerns the rule and that referee shouldn’t call the foul unless it is absolutely flagrant and allow the league to take care of it after the fact.

Pereira also shares his thoughts on the larger problem with replay and how it has changed certain elements of the game.

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JT The Brick Show with Tomm Looney: Mike Pereira