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Virginia Tech Women's Lacrosse Team Under Fire After Girls Sing N-Word

The Virginia Tech women's lacrosse team faced much backlash over the weekend when a controversial video of them singing a song that had the n-word went viral. 

The track in question was Lil Dicky's "Freaky Friday" featuring Chris Brown. In the chorus, Brown says the n-word a number of times. So, when the lacrosse team sang along to it, they didn't skip over the word. The 13-second video was shot in a bus after the team won a game and was originally published on Snapchat, before being reposted on YouTube and Twitter. Since the video went viral, the team members and the coach have admitted their regrets about it. 

"This is a teachable moment. It’s not something that we’re proud of. The team is very apologetic and sorry," the lacrosse team's coach, John Sung, told "There’s nobody of any color that should say it. Period. There’s nobody that should say it." 

**WARNING: Explicit language**

Deadspin is also reporting that a Twitter account who shared the video got multiple direct messages from a locked account, which claimed to be ran by a member of the lacrosse team, and asked for the video to be removed. When Deadspin reached out to the locked account asking this, it was deleted. Take a look at screenshots of the locked account's messages below.