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Jason Whitlock joins Outkick For A Deep Dive on NFL Violence/Tiger

Jason Whitlock joins Outkick For A Deep Dive on Tiger

Speak For Yourself Host Jason Whitlock joins Clay Travis on Outkick The Coverage to defend Roger Goodell (5:56) and the NFL regarding their constant media bombardment in a sport that seems to only hemorrhage bad publicity these days.

Whitlock says the left-wing media is waging a war on football because they hate the idea of masculinity, and has conveniently signaled out the worst parts of the sport to advance their biased political beliefs on a wide array of polarizing ideologies.  

In the interview, Whitlock also dishes on Tiger Woods (0:10) and why he is rooting for him this weekend at the Masters, shares his thoughts on Robert Griffin III signing with the Ravens (3:35), and says no one should be surprised that Colin Kaepernick (4:13) is still unemployed.

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