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Westbrook is the Most Overrated Player in the NBA

Last season, Russell Westbrook averaged a triple-double on his way to winning the 2017 NBA MVP award. At the time, the consensus among hoops heads was that if Westbrook ever got better players around him, the Thunder would be instant title-contenders. 

This year, the Thunder added perennial all-stars in Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to the roster and Westbrook  is basically averaging a triple-double again, but Oklahoma City is on the verge of missing the playoffs altogether. 

What the hell happened? 

Jason McIntyre says the Thunder's struggles points to only one logical conclusion: Russell Westbrook is the most overrated player in the NBA. Yes, he's a great singluar talent, but does he make any of the players around him better? 

TBL: Westbrook is most overrated player in NBA