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So Westbrook Chases Stats...Who Cares?

"Russell Westbrook does not have a championship. Without a ring, I don't fault Westbrook for gobbling up all the stats he can because that might be his legacy -- STATS."

Listen to JT The Brick defend Russell Westbrook’s tireless, and sometimes overly excessive chase to average a Triple-Double for the second consecutive season.

With many critical of Westbrook’s desire to snipe rebounds away from his teammates to keep his numbers up, JT says that for a guy playing in a small market with only a limited window to ever win championship rings, the sportsman in Westbrook wants to also get a little some for him too, and cement his legacy down the line when others will only want to only talk about Kobe Bryant and LeBron James' titles.

JT says Westbrook wants to win rings but wants to also make his name remain in basketball lore for the rest of time.

So Russell Westbrook Chases Stats... Who Cares?