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Seahawks Take Quarterback Stephen Morris over Colin Kaepernick?

Reports say Seattle Seahawks have settled on taking quarterback Stephen Morris. Morris was formerly apart of the Washington Redskins who released him on April 9th, 2018. He's an undrafted quarterback that has floated around several teams and practice squads around the NFL since 2014. This news comes on the heels of a story that Colin Kaepernick was set to try out for the Seahawks backup quarterback gig, but unfortunately for him, the tryout was postponed because of the following

According to a new report by ESPN, Kaepernick's refusal to end his protest and stand during the national anthem before football games might cost him a shot at becoming the backup quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. The team had been working for weeks to schedule Kaepernick to fly to Seattle for a workout. Plans were made and the travel was booked, but the entire thing fell through at the last minute after the Seahawks asked Kaepernick if he planned to continue taking a knee during the national anthem. When he told them he was unwilling to commit to ending his protest, they called off the tryout. -Source: Fox Sports Radio

Safe to say that Seahawks have found their QB? says otherwise.

Signing a quarterback like Morris shouldn't stop the Seahawks from taking another look at Kaepernick, should they choose to do so. With Russell Wilson currently the only signal-caller on the roster, Seattle needs arms to conduct offseason workouts, which begin Monday with conditioning sessions.

We'll let you know when we have an update.