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LeBron James Has Always Been Mentally Weak

“This is the quintessential LeBron James move, just leaving the court early. For a guy that is as big, as strong, and as good as LeBron James, he is so incredibly psychologically weak."

Clay Travis says the Cavaliers are in trouble if a moody LeBron James is walking off courts while playoff games are still going on, as LBJ did so in Sunday’s Game 1 loss against the Pacers as he retreated back to the Cavs locker room even before the clock hit 0.0.

Travis says it reminded him on the infamous Game 7 of the 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals when the lasting image was LeBron emphatically ripping his jersey off after the Celtics eliminated the Cavaliers, which would be his last game in a Cavaliers uniform before ‘The Decision.’

Travis says the arrogant diva attitude sums up the 14-time All-Star’s career, and it’s only a matter of time before the Cavaliers lose their next series to which results in LeBron leaving in earth-scorching fashion, with the coaching staff and his teammates taking all the blame.

LeBron James Has Always Been Mentally Weak