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NBA Will Find a Way to Get LeBron Past Indiana

“They are going to get the benefit of the calls in a tight game and a close series because they are worth tens of millions of dollars more advancing than the Pacers are.”

With LeBron James shockingly losing an opening round game for the first time since May 6th, 2012, Clay Travis says TV execs at major networks probably spit out their coffee when they turned on their televisions and saw the Cavaliers down over 20 points in the second half.

Unlike the NFL, Travis says the NBA is entirely predicated on showcasing its biggest stars to drive the viewership, much like the billing of a Hollywood movie, and says no other sport suffers as much as basketball in the rating department when it comes to a postseason series lacking the league’s most identifiable players.

Travis says the idea of a Pacers team continuing on what would be considered one of the biggest upsets in NBA history is a terrifying scenario for the major networks.

“It would send shockwaves across the NBA,” Travis said. “It would leave TV executives curled up in the fetal position crying because everything about the ratings is predicated on LeBron James being involved in the Eastern Conference Finals at a minimum.”

With arguably the best player in league history and one of the most popular and iconic athletes in the world having his playoff fate suddenly put into perspective, Travis says there’s more than a few individuals wearing suits who are taking notice.

“There’s so much money at stake. The NBA is a little like the WWE, and LeBron James and company will not be allowed to lose this series.”

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NBA Will Find a Way to Get LeBron Past Indiana